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The Fulcrum Awards


Please check the categories page for a full definition of the specific awards.

Best Author

Best New Author

Angst Fic

Alternate Universe Fic

Case Fic

Comedy Fic

Crack Fic

Crossover Fic

Drama Fic

Whump Fic

Short Fic

Epic Fic


Fluff Fic

Gen Fic

Het Fic

Slash Fic

Romance Fic

NC-17 Fic

Unfinished Fic

Eliot-centric Fic

Hardison-centric Fic

Nate-centric Fic


'Sophie'-centric Fic

OT3 Fic

Minor Character-centric Fic

* categories with only one nomination will be carried forward to the next round.


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